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What are the top four tips for entering the Newcastle Poetry Prize?

  1. Read the FAQs and the Terms and Conditions thoroughly.
  2. Do not enter a poem which the judges have read before (in full or in part).
  3. Do not include your name in your poem – either in the title or within the body of work. Your entry form is linked to your poem with a code number. It is sent to the judges separated from your entry form but the code number links to the two.
  4. Purchase a past Newcastle Poetry Prize anthology to understand the diversity of works selected in previous years and support Australian poetry.

The line limit is 200 maximum. Does this mean I have to write 200 lines?

No. In fact, over the years many shorter poems have been selected for publication. The reason the NPP has an upper limit of 200 lines is to give opportunity to those poets who wish to submit long poems or a suite of poems.

Is there an exact style and format you require?

We only accept .doc, .docx formats.

Line spacing, font style and size is your choice.

However, please consider the Newcastle Poetry Prize Anthology uses a bespoke font and is printed on 6in x 9in stock and uses a bespoke font. We have created a word template configured to our print requirements which can be downloaded for your use.

If you are using a glyph, please indicate what font is used on the entry form.

Are spaces between the lines part of the line count?

No, only text lines are considered part of the line count. However, significant space between lines may not be publishable in the anthology.

How many times can I enter?

As many as you wish. One poem = one entry = one fee of $35.20 ($32 + $3.20 GST). 

The submission form allows for 10 entries per form.

I made a mistake with my piece. Can I submit it again?

If you submitted the work and paid successfully but want to upload another version of your work before the deadline, enter the poem again and contact us for a refund on your previous entry.

Can I use a pseudonym instead of my real name?

Yes, you can but you will be asked on the entry form to also supply your real name – this will never be revealed to third parties.

Who can enter the competition?

Australian citizens and residents, living anywhere in the world. You must aged 18 years or over.

Should a poem rhyme?

No, it does not have to. Many poems selected by the judges do not rhyme.

If my name appears on the work is it disqualified?

Yes. The most common mistake entrants make is putting their name on the work.