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Grieve Write-Ins

A virtual writing practice during National Grief Awareness Month

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Grieve is a writing project that explores storytelling across the spectrum of loss. It provides permission and a platform to write our collective and private grief out loud.

During August, National Grief Awareness month, the Hunter Writers’ Centre is providing an opportunity for writers to join an online community writing practice. Grieve Write-In sessions are designed for you to commit to a regular writing practice in the company of others who write, or want to write, about loss and grief. 

The writing sessions are structured with a short intro, followed by a writing prompt related to the theme of grieving and loss, 45 minutes of writing, with a brief wrap-up session and small share at the end. 

Facilitated by Katherine McLean, Director of the Hunter Writers Centre.

Starting Monday 7th August, Grieve Write-Ins will be held on Zoom Monday nights at 7.30pm throughout August. 

Each session will run for approximately 60 mins. You can commit to as many sessions as you would like.

7/8/23, 7.30pm

14/7/23, 7.30pm

21/8/23, 7.30pm

28/8/23, 7.30pm




Writing about grief and loss can be an emotional process. It is important to be gentle and compassionate with yourself and ensure you have the right support.

Here is a list of supports and resources of organisations that can assist you if you are experiencing difficulty.  

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