Art of Writing Around the Globe with Dr Bill Pascoe

Wednesday 22nd May, 9.30 – 12

Venue: Merewether

What limits are there to what we can write? What we read influences what we think writing can be. Reading stories as strange, profound, funny and diverse as the billions of people who live and have lived on Earth can open our eyes to new possibilities in writing. Come along and discuss texts from across history and around the world and their literary traditions with Dr Bill Pascoe.

In this first session we travel in time and space to:

Imperial Russia, 1836: Gogol, The Nose

China Song Dynasty, 1132: Li Qingzhao, Preface to Records of Metal and Stone

Precolumbian Mexico, 14th Century: Mixtec, The Tree Glyph in the Codex Yuta Tnoho (aka Codex Vindobonensis Mexicanus)

The texts will be provided before the meeting. Email to book and receive the readings.

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Dr William (Bill) Pascoe is a Digital Humanities specialist with the Centre For 21st Century Humanities and the Centre for Literary and Linguistic Computing at the University of Newcastle. His education is in English, creative writing, semiotics and philosophy.