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Want to be paid to write about your favourite books?

Submit your Book Review below.

We will publish the best reviews here and at Compulsive Reader

and you could be in the running to win one of up to 15 prizes including:

$100 prizes

$50 prizes

Bookpacks of fabulous YA books kindly donated by Allen and Unwin

Compulsive Reader has a worldwide reading community of more than 10, 000. Your reviews will not only be read in Australia but around the world

  • This is not a school connected project but if you are chosen we would like to let your school know so they can celebrate your success!

The competition closes 20th January so that gives you lots of Summer reading time!

Read the whole book! It may seem obvious but a good sense of the whole of the book is vital.

Give a quick overview of the storyline but don’t write a long step-by-step plot summary.

Describe some of the characters, the setting, the theme(s), the writing style, any symbols.

Tell the reader what does and doesn’t work and why.

What other books does this one reminds you of?

Anything else that appeals (or doesn’t appeal) to you as a reader?

Think about the target market – who would the book appeal to and why?

If you can write all of the above in a smooth way that flows all the better!

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