Editing with Claire Bradshaw

Two part workshop

Part 1: a video is sent to you Thursday 14th May in the afternoon

Part 2: Participate in an Interactive Session – 10.30-12, Saturday, 16th May

As a passionate editor and proofreader with a super-keen eye for detail, Claire Bradshaw can teach you how to refine pieces of writing until they’re picture-perfect and ready for publication. Come along with your near-complete manuscript and let Claire help you begin the editing stage. The course will follow a dual approach, separated into two parts:

Part 1 – Self-editing

  • Why it’s important to know how to edit your own work
  • How to take a structured approach to editing a manuscript draft
  • Working with beta readers/critique partners as part of the self-edit process
  • Top tips for self-editing

Part 2 – Professional editing

  • When do you need a professional editor?
  • The types of editorial services out there (manuscript assessments, structural editing, copyediting, proofreading) and deciding which one you need
  • The process of finding and working with an editor – what to expect and tips

Email HWC no more than 2 pages of your work so we can forward them to Claire Bradshaw. Wait to receive your pre-recorded video from Claire on Thursday 14th May. This will include instructions about the online meet up on Saturday 16th May.

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Claire Bradshaw, editor

Claire Bradshaw is a freelance writer, editor and proofreader based in Newcastle, NSW. She has completed a Graduate Certificate of Editing and Publishing with the University of Southern Queensland, as well as a Bachelor of Arts (Distinction), majoring in English and Writing, with the University of Newcastle.

A lover of books, blogs, magazines, and everything in between, you’ll either find her reading, working on an editorial project, or drinking endless cups of tea while writing things of her own.


Price of Editing with Claire Bradshaw
$55.00 for HWC members
$77.00 for Non-Members
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