Grieve 2021 title


Volume 9 now published

August is Grief Awareness Month

2021 prize winners

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Grieve vol 7 book cover
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Grieve Volume 5 book cover
Grieve vol 3 book cover
Grieve vol 4 book cover
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History of the Grieve Project


Since 2013, Hunter Writers Centre and our wonderful partner-sponsors have supported this publishing opportunity for first-time and published writers.

Each year, Australians living here and abroad 
submit poems and stories/personal essays. Up to 120 works are published in the annual anthology.

There is now a dedicated Grieve Project website 
where you can read the wonderful writings by Australians 
and buy the books.

The competition opens on Valentine's Day each year 
and the anthology of selected works is launched in August 
(Grief Awareness month).

The team of judges work in either the grief and loss industries 
or are published writers. Some are both.

The prizes are kindly donated by 
not-for-profit organisations, businesses and individuals working in or related to the grief and loss industries.

Would you like to donate a prize 
in memory of a loved one or colleague? 
Click here for more information