Frequently Asked Questions about The Grieve Project

How many times can I enter?

As many as you wish. One entry = one payment

I think I made a mistake with my piece. Can I submit it again?

If you submitted the work and paid successfully but want to upload your work one more time because it has an error in it, enter the work again and contact us for a refund.

There seemed to be something wrong when I uploaded my piece

We recommend Chrome or Safari internet browsers work best with the entry form. Important: be sure to load your file onto the entry form before providing your contact details otherwise the form will not operate properly.

Can I enter a work of fiction?

We don’t discriminate between fiction and non-fiction. As long as your piece reflects on, explores, expresses any experience with grief and loss then your work is valid for entry.

Can I use a pseudonym instead of my real name?

Yes you can but you will be asked on the entry form to also supply your real name – this will never be revealed to third parties.

Is there an exact style and format your require?

We only accept .doc, .docx, .pdf file format.

We prefer indented paragraphs rather than double spaced paragraphs so we can identify any narrative breaks easily. Spacing and font size is your choice.

Can I submit a piece I have submitted in the past?

If you have a piece of writing that has been published previously, no. If it has been written and submitted but not published, yes. If it has won an award but not published, yes.

What does 'published' mean?

This means any form of publication – printed or online including blog entries etc. A piece written for a writing course (but not published) is acceptable.

Are titles, sub-titles, dedications and other 'extras' included in the word count?

Yes! Stick to the word limit to avoid being disqualified.

If my name appears on the work is it disqualified?

Yes. The most common mistake entrants make is putting their name on the work.

What other aspects may cause my work to be disqualified?

Going over the word limit; not submitting the correct file format – we only accept .pdf and .doc and docx; not submitting before the deadline.

Other tips:

Check spelling mistakes – have a friend read it to check your spelling. You will not be disqualified for a simple spelling error.

Should a poem rhyme?

No, it does not have to. Many poems selected by the judges do not rhyme. We recommend you read poems that have been selected in the past – purchase an anthology here

What if the piece is written for a child to read?

The history of the project is that we publish works written for adult readers.