July 15, 2019

Poetry – Part 2

a cheerio call from inside of the poem in its making   here I am back again   happening to be in a Norway summer high above the Arctic Circle no chance of sunset at all (see pictures, stay tuned for midnight sun)   …. and right now I am…
Phil WIlliams HWC member Live reading at Newcastle Art GallerySpeaker at July 2019 to a full audience and art works News
July 11, 2019

July 2019 Newsletter

First Tuesday Live Readings at Newcastle Art Gallery Our inaugural Ekphrastic live reading was held last week. 23 pieces were heard and the judging was very challenging! All the works brought the artworks alive. Congratulations to Brian Noble, Nicole Sellers, Gail Hennessy and, people's choice award winner, Jan Dean. See…
Norway, where member blogger Kit Kelen is residing NewsPoetry
July 8, 2019

Poetry – Part 1

Professor Christopher (Kit) Kelen is a resident of Bulahdelah and he has travelled extensively around the world. He is a poet, painter and academic who has published a dozen full length poetry collections and translated books of poetry in several languages. Kit was Emeritus Professor at the University of Macau…
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June 17, 2019

Protected: June 2019 Newsletter

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Susan Francis , blogger, member of HWC Australian LiteratureNews
June 15, 2019

Australian Literature Part 4

Different Voices: new and emerging writers – blog by Susan Francis My relationship with Newcastle, the city of my birth, was always problematic. Years were spent away from the place. And now? Well, I have to admit, hand over my heart, I’m in love with it. I discover myself residing in…
Ronald McCuaig poet Australian LiteratureNews
June 10, 2019

Australian Literature Part 3

Reality Rhymes - blog by Susan Francis Who’s your favourite Australian poet? This one’s easy! Because I think the ideas explored in Australian poetry, post colonisation, are more unconventional than some of the broader subject matter written about in our fiction. Since settlement, there’s been a long tradition of poets…
for love alone Christina Stead Australian LiteratureNews
June 5, 2019

Australian Literature Part 2

Something Novel - Australian Novelists - blog by Susan Francis In my mid-twenties I formed an attachment to an extremely astute young man: a poet who would invite me ice skating in Prince Alfred Park on Friday nights. Skating in the dark, beneath strings of fairy lights hung from the…
book cover of Seven Little Australians Australian LiteratureNews
June 1, 2019

Australian Literature Part 1

Pages of Us - Introduction  - blog article by Susan Francis Australian Literature. Does such a thing exist? That was the response from my Head Teacher at the UK school where I taught English. 'Christina Stead . . .' , I began to respond but, in the face of her…
person's hand holding an iphone showing rows of books NewsSpeculative Fiction
May 24, 2019

Spec Fic Writing Pt 4

SpecFic for Fun and Profit I’ve never bought into the genre writing vs. literary writing argument, because it doesn’t take too much research to find out which side makes most of the money. You can’t eat accolades after all. If you want to make a living from your writing, you…
picture of dragon NewsSpeculative Fiction
May 17, 2019

Spec Fic Writing Pt 3

Writing mythic spec fic: 6 tips You’re setting off on an epic quest. You plan to slash through jungles, slay monsters, summon storms, and conquer civilisations. But how do you get your readers to follow you? With a powerful story to capture and sustain their interest, they’ll happily share your journey.…
Book cover First In the Veins NewsSpeculative Fiction
May 10, 2019

Spec Fic Writing Pt 2

Putting the characters in the driver's seat by Graham Davidson Why be a control freak when you can let your characters drive the story for you?  Put a group of Spec fiction writers together and they’ll often get caught up in the Pantsers versus Plotters debate. For those unfamiliar with…
spaceship NewsSpeculative Fiction
May 3, 2019

Spec Fic Writing Pt 1

Take Us To Your Reader by Michael Tippett Let’s address the oliphaunt in the room, shall we? Speculative fiction is finally getting the respect it deserves. Not too long ago there was a stigma attached to being a genre writer—more so if you huddled under the ‘spec-fic’ umbrella of horror,…