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August 19, 2019

True Crime Writing Part 3

True Crime by Ted Bassingthwaighte The whole crime scene! So, you are ‘standing at the shoulder of monsters’ and what do you expect to see or hear or feel? Are you just a curious observer? Do you feel slightly voyeuristic? Or do you want to ride that imagination train into…
Kilgour Prize finalist work News
August 11, 2019

August 2019 Newsletter

First Tuesday Live Readings at Newcastle Art Gallery bring your readings 3pm, Tuesday 3rd September The Kilgour Prize for portraiture (a few pictured here) is on display at Newcastle Art Gallery. Come and read a poem or prose piece in response to one of the works on display. Click here…
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August 9, 2019

True Crime Writing Part 2

Why Do We Love True Crime? Mark Lawson in this article in The Guardian  said, "Humans are fascinated by evil,” says bestselling crime writer Ian Rankin. “We wonder where it comes from and whether we ourselves could ever carry out such an act. Some readers turn to crime fiction for…
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August 5, 2019

True Crime Writing Part 1

True Crime by Ted Bassingthwaighte See It, Touch It, Smell It, Taste It True crime was my passion and occupation for 22 years. I joined the NSW Police Force on May 18th 1987. In the first 12 months of my probationary period at Wyong police station on the NSW Central…
July 25, 2019

Poetry Writing Part 5

the last post   in my last blog entry I listed a number of ‘modes’ for the composition of a poem the peripatetic, the here-and-now view, the political – the bearing witness mode (was where I got stuck) it seems like a hundred years ago I was in Hong Kong,…
July 20, 2019

Poetry Writing Part 4

Poetry Process by Professor Christopher (Kit) Kelen I want to write a poem about the different modes of process I encounter in drafting poems. I started these posts with what I call the peripatetic mode; that is, drafting while walking. This is something I do all the time (almost daily),…
July 16, 2019

Poetry Writing Part 3

Poetry process by Professor Christopher (Kit) Kelen    and what a week it’s been, poetry process enthusiasts… there we were, up above the Arctic Circle, experiencing the midnight sun … first on land (over the water) … so mainly I was inspired to draft just from where I was, just…
July 12, 2019

Poetry Writing Part 2

a cheerio call from inside of the poem in its making here I am back again happening to be in a Norway summer high above the Arctic Circle no chance of sunset at all (see pictures, stay tuned for midnight sun) …. and right now I am making an example…
Norway, where member blogger Kit Kelen is residing NewsPoetry
July 8, 2019

Poetry Writing Part 1

Professor Christopher (Kit) Kelen is a resident of Bulahdelah and he has travelled extensively around the world. He is a poet, painter and academic who has published a dozen full length poetry collections and translated books of poetry in several languages. Kit is Emeritus Professor at the University of Macau.…
Phil WIlliams HWC member Live reading at Newcastle Art GallerySpeaker at July 2019 to a full audience and art works News
July 8, 2019

July 2019 Newsletter

First Tuesday Live Readings at Newcastle Art Gallery Our inaugural Ekphrastic live reading was held last week. 23 pieces were heard and the judging was very challenging! All the works brought the artworks alive. Congratulations to Brian Noble, Nicole Sellers, Gail Hennessy and, people's choice award winner, Jan Dean. See…
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June 17, 2019

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Susan Francis , blogger, member of HWC Australian LiteratureNews
June 15, 2019

Australian Literature Part 4

Different Voices: new and emerging writers – blog by Susan Francis My relationship with Newcastle, the city of my birth, was always problematic. Years were spent away from the place. And now? Well, I have to admit, hand over my heart, I’m in love with it. I discover myself residing in…