Newcastle Poetry Prize Entry

Terms and Conditions 2020

We advise you read both the FAQs and the Terms and Conditions below.

By entering a piece in the Newcastle Poetry Prize, you agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions.

  1. Entries close 8pm AEDT Tuesday 23rd June, 2020
  2. The prize pool is $25 000 maximum. Judges will award prizes up to that value.
  3. The line limit is 200 maximum. This includes titles and any sub-headings. There is no minimum.
  4. Entry is online only. Attach your poem as a .pdf or Word document (.doc) via the entry form.
  5. You do not have to be a member of Hunter Writers Centre to enter the competition. Entrants must be Australian citizens or permanent residents. You can reside anywhere in the world.
  6. Your poem must not include your name or any identifying marks. This means any word that the judges can link directly to you. Names of places and/or first names of people are, generally, acceptable. Be sure there are no words that identify you as the author.
  7. If the judges have read part or all of your entry prior to making your submission you cannot submit that poem.
  8. Entries must be the original work of the applicant and must not be published in any form (print or electronic) or currently offered for publication.
  9. You must acknowledge any quotes from other writers that you use.
  10. All authors must provide their own name on the entry form for administrative purposes. If you would prefer your poem to be published under a pseudonym, please note it on the entry form.
  11. There is no limit on number of entries. A separate entry form, and separate entry fee of $33 ($30.00 + $3.00 GST) must accompany each entry.
  12. Poems entered in previous Newcastle Poetry Prize years that were not selected may be re-entered.
  13. Entrants must be Australian citizens or permanent residents. You can reside anywhere in the world.
  14. Staff of Hunter Writers Centre and their family members are not eligible to enter
  15. Entrants must be aged over 18 years.
  16. The judges’ decisions are final and no correspondence will be entered into with either the judges, the staff or the board of Hunter Writers Centre or sponsors.
  17. By entering the Newcastle Poetry Prize, the author gives permission to Hunter Writers Centre to publish your work in the anthology if selected by the judges. The copyright to the work is always retained by the author. As publisher of the anthology, Hunter Writers Centre will have First Publication Rights to all submitted works and may use any title or excerpt from any entry for the purpose of promoting the competition and the anthology. Any collection or publication subsequent to the Newcastle Poetry Prize that includes the author’s poem should acknowledge this competition.
  18. Prize winners may be required to participate in media-related events associated with the competition.
  19. By supplying your contact details you agree to us sending you opt-out correspondence.
  20. HWC acknowledges that this competition is not sponsored, endorsed, administered by or associated with Facebook.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs – these are questions we have received over the years

What are the top 4 tips for entering the Newcastle Poetry Prize?

Read the FAQs and the Terms and Conditions thoroughly

Do not enter a poem that either judge has read before (in full or in part).

Make sure your name is not on the work.

Consider purchasing a past anthology as this will show you the diversity selected and you will be supporting and enjoying Australian poetry!

The line limit is 200 maximum. Does this mean I have to write 200 lines?

No. In fact, over the years much shorter poems are selected for publication. The reason the NPP has an upper limit of 200 lines is to give opportunity to those poets who want to submit long poems or a suite of poems.

Should a poem rhyme?

No, it does not have to. Many poems selected by the judges do not rhyme.

Is there an exact style and format you require?

We only accept .doc, .docx, .pdf file format. Line spacing and font style and size is your choice.

Are spaces between the lines part of the line count?

No, only written lines are considered part of the line count.

How many times can I enter?

As many as you wish. One entry = one payment

I think I made a mistake with my piece. Can I submit it again?

If you submitted the work and paid successfully but want to upload your work one more time because it has an error in it, enter the work again and contact us for a refund.

There seemed to be something wrong when I uploaded my piece

We recommend Chrome or Safari internet browsers work best with the entry form.

Can I use a pseudonym instead of my real name?

Yes you can but you will be asked on the entry form to also supply your real name – this will never be revealed to third parties.

What age can enter this competition?

Over 18s

If my name appears on the work is it disqualified?

Yes. The most common mistake entrants make is putting their name on the work.