Independent (Self) Publishing – May


Two night course – 7th and 14th May 2018
Tutor: Nigel George

Last minute enrolments please telephone 0408 927 299

$77 members / $110 non-members
Course outline below

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Independent Publishing – Becoming an Author Entrepreneur
Two night course – 7th and 14th May 2018
Telephone 0408 927 299 to discuss last minute enrolment.
Time: 6-8pm
​$77 members / $110 non members


Course Outline

Have you heard about self publishing but not sure it’s your thing?

Does self publishing sound like too much hard work to you?

Have you self published before and experienced poor sales, despite endless hours on social media trying to build a following?

Do you want to self publish but are confused by the multitude of options available and exhausted by the seemingly hundreds of steps needed to get a book to market?

If any or all of these sound like you, you are in good company. All successful independent authors have experienced some or all of these feelings in their career.

The biggest barrier to more writers self publishing is not ability, it’s mindset.

When it comes to changing mindset, we prefer the term “independent publisher”, rather than “self publisher”.

Not just because the latter has connotations of crazy Uncle Mike’s rambling 600 page memoir about chickens, but also there is no “self” in being an author entrepreneur.

An author entrepreneur is an independent businessperson – one who knows that it takes many professionals to get a quality work into the hands of readers.

An author entrepreneur recognises that by being independent, they can act in their own best interests and build a writing career on their own terms.

If you have the wherewithal to complete a major work, polish it and present it to the world, you have what it takes to be successful at independent publishing. The problem is that the artist in there can become stressed when faced with the complexity of publishing and marketing your work.

I will let you in on a secret: becoming a successful independent author is not hard. What is hard is sorting through all the incorrect advice available and extracting what actually works for writers.

This introductory course has been built to help you filter out the noise, alleviate the stress and set up your publishing business so you can concentrate on your writing.

The course is in 6 sections.

  1. Busting the myths – why now is the best time in history to be a writer.
  2. Writing is art, publishing is business – developing the mindset you need so that you can thrive.
  3. Your #1 marketing tool as a writer (HINT: you already own it)
  4. Social media – how to tame the beast so it doesn’t eat you alive.
  5. Build your tribe – finding and engaging readers that will love your work.
  6. Your publishing business – setting up a publishing machine that runs on autopilot so you can concentrate on your writing.

While each section could be a 4 hour session on it’s own, that isn’t the point of this course. The point of the course is to provide you with an introductory framework on which to build your writing career.

The course comes with a workbook and plenty of references so that you can pursue the opportunities most suited to your work once you have completed the course.


​Tutor – Nigel George

Nigel George is an entrepreneur, author and educator. After publishing his first book the old-fashioned way, he decided that he had a much better chance of making a living as a writer by applying his 20-odd years of business and entrepreneurial experience to becoming an independent publisher. He has never looked back.

He currently juggles his time between writing, teaching and sending rejection letters to traditional publishers.


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