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Graham Davidson is a professional creative with over 40 years’ experience. He has won dozens of national and international industry awards for his work in advertising, particularly as a director and animation designer.

He has worked with Adobe Indesign for over 15 years and has extensive experience designing and publishing books through Ingram Spark and offshore printers. 

In early 2020 he founded and directed the inaugural IF Maitland, a celebration of independent publishing in all its forms, then started Rack and Rune Publishing in late 2021

Rack and Rune recognises how new technology in the past two decades has made self-publishing more accessible than ever before. However, there is still a complex path of design and file preparation to navigate before an author is able to hold a printed copy of their work. Rack and Rune Publishing sets out to provide a service that is customised to each client’s individual needs. The business provides everything from editing and proof-reading services to typesetting, cover design, illustration, website design and file preparation. The business predominantly is based around Print on Demand (POD) but can also facilitate larger scale offset print runs.

Because each client’s needs are different, each book is a bespoke product and pricing is flexible with options for fixed quotes or hourly consultancy fees. Some clients require full editing and production services while others are merely seeking guidance in how to navigate the publishing platforms.

The business does not seek to compete with traditional publishers but to empower authors to have control of their publications and retain the rights to their work while producing a professional product at an affordable price.

Of course, the ultimate success of the product in terms of sales comes down to more than a professionally presented book. The quality of the content and the effectiveness of marketing efforts undertaken by the author are still the major drivers of success.

Rack and Rune does not currently offer distribution, but is hoping to make this option available to clients in the future whose books meet specific criteria.

Visit Graham’s website or contact him via for a quote.