Self-Publishing with Graham Davidson

Date: April 10th 2021

Time: 10AM-3PM

Due to recent technical innovation, publishing is undergoing a transformation.

For minimal cost you can now easily self-publish a book, and have it distributed globally through online booksellers with copies printed as they are ordered.

In this one-day workshop, Graham Davidson will take you through the processes of both ‘print on demand’ and ‘offset’ printing. He will explain the steps you need to go through to prepare both your printed book and ebook versions, how to set up an account with IngramSpark to enable global distribution and run through the pros and cons of the different approaches to publishing your work.

This workshop is relevant whether you are looking to publish a novel, textbook, children’s picture book, or even a coffee table book.

Location: Wickham

Date: April 10th 2021

Time: 10AM-3PM

What to bring: lunch, writing material. Participants need to bring paper and pen as this is an active workshop.


PT: the venue is a 3 minute walk from Newcastle Interchange

Graham Davidson, author

$55 for HWC members
$88 for Non-Members