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A Workshop by Hunter Writers' Centre

Crafting a compelling narrative goes beyond the initial draft. Dive into the world of self-editing with our workshop, ‘Unlocking Your Story’s Potential: The Basics of Self-Editing for Fiction Writers’, a guide to transforming your raw manuscript into a polished piece. 

Editing isn’t just about fixing typos – it’s about sculpting your story into its best form. In this workshop, you’ll become acquainted with the various layers of editing: structural edits that lay the groundwork for your narrative, and the nuance of line edits to give your prose its unique voice.  

Led by Dr David-Jack Fletcher, this workshop empowers you to become your own editor. Bring a piece of writing that’s ready for a polish, and immerse yourself in a critical self-editing experience guided by the mantra, ‘Kill Your Darlings’.   

Through hands-on exercises you’ll learn to dissect and enhance your writing. Begin with side-by-side comparisons of unedited and edited passages, engage in the editing process firsthand, and leave the workshop with newfound knowledge, a sharpened critical perspective, and a take-home booklet for future reference.  

Don’t miss this opportunity to elevate your writing through the art of self-editing


Saturday 30 September 2023
10am – 2pm 
Charlestown Library
Corner Smith and Ridley Street, Charlestown


$65 – HWC Members
$80 – Non-members

Presenter: David-Jack Fletcher

David-Jack Fletcher

David-Jack Fletcher is an Australian horror author, specialising in LGBTQI+ horror and comedy fiction. His debut horror-comedy released early 2022 titled The Haunting of Harry Peck, and was an international Amazon #1 bestseller in several categories. In June 2023, his debut novel, Raven’s Creek was released to become a #1 bestseller in several international Amazon categories. He has also appeared in several anthologies across the US, the UK, and Canada.  

David-Jack is a qualified editor, operating a small online business, Chainsaw Editing, specialising in line, copy, and developmental editing for horror/thriller, dark fiction, mystery/suspense, fantasy, and the occasional historical romance.  

He is also the co-founder of Slashic Horror Press, an emerging queer indie press focused on promoting under-represented voices—and stories—in horror and dark fiction.  

When not writing and editing, David-Jack can be found on the couch with a book, cuddling his dogs and his husband. 

Registrations for this workshop are now closed.